Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Catholic Vote"

So I'm watching television and the catholic vote commercial comes on and of course it's a "pro-life"(anti-choice) commercial. It really bothered me not in the sense that I was touched but in the sense of the nerve of them. I mean they showed a baby in a womb and said that its father would abandon him and its mother would struggle raising him and then showed a picture of Barrack Obama and said he would grow to be the first black president imagine the possibility. As if, we all know that's not what really happens %90 of the time.Barrack Obama was raised by both of his parents so how could they even compare him to a child that's father walked out on him and mother struggled to raise him by herself.Also why did it have to be a black baby. Why couldn't it be a white baby or a baby who's father was there and mother was a successful lawyer or something, because it was a poor attempt to pull in poor women of color. Why would they even use the example of Barrack Obama when he has showed that he is very much for the woman's choice. I was disgusted by that commercial all together. The lengths people will go to! I just had to put the catholic vote on blast because they don't have mine!
Peace, Love and Choice!

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