Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Catholic Vote"

So I'm watching television and the catholic vote commercial comes on and of course it's a "pro-life"(anti-choice) commercial. It really bothered me not in the sense that I was touched but in the sense of the nerve of them. I mean they showed a baby in a womb and said that its father would abandon him and its mother would struggle raising him and then showed a picture of Barrack Obama and said he would grow to be the first black president imagine the possibility. As if, we all know that's not what really happens %90 of the time.Barrack Obama was raised by both of his parents so how could they even compare him to a child that's father walked out on him and mother struggled to raise him by herself.Also why did it have to be a black baby. Why couldn't it be a white baby or a baby who's father was there and mother was a successful lawyer or something, because it was a poor attempt to pull in poor women of color. Why would they even use the example of Barrack Obama when he has showed that he is very much for the woman's choice. I was disgusted by that commercial all together. The lengths people will go to! I just had to put the catholic vote on blast because they don't have mine!
Peace, Love and Choice!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am sitting here trying to blog and I have so much to say that I can't even get it all out. I'm frustrated, angry, tired, happy, inspired, sad.......... Life is so hard but it's worth every second. So anyway let me just say this: I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the My Voice, My Choice leadership group. I've been searching for something to believe in 100% and this is it. So when I'm asked to tell my story about abortion, go to conferences, blog, or do anything that is going to keep this movement pushing forward, it is truly my honor! I would not be the woman and mother I am today if it wasn't for the Chicago Abortion Fund, everyone involved with the leadership group and Gaylon. So thank you everybody for allowing me to be a part of something so amazing. peace

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frustrating comments

There are so many frustrating comments flung back and forth between the pro-choice and anti-choice movement.

Part of the reason I love my work at CAF is, we cut out that crap (at least, most of the time ;) ). On our show, we just cut off the anti-choice callers. We don't engage too much with the "other side." We're too busy protecting and helping the women that call us in their desperate, vulnerable moments and who are willing to contact us to help them empower themselves and improve their lives.

Recently, while reading the comments of an article in the Washington Post about a medical student's weighing of whether or not to become an abortion doctor, I wasn't surprised about the slinging of insults, facts, and fantasy back and forth between people. Quite frankly, both sides annoyed me. But the most ridiculous argument was:

"By that line of reasoning, shall we wonder why pro-choicers only start caring about children when they leave the womb?"

(in response to "[anti-choicers] only care about fetuses, not children")

Some judgmental pro-choice people might follow that line of thinking, but no reproductive justice activist (of which I am) would ever not care about the health of a pregnancy. Us reproductive justice activists care about the first environment (the womb) and fight for reproductive health and environmental health (a major reason women and reproductive organs are unhealthy). We are often the ones fighting for more (FREE) pre-natal care, access to alternative birthing means*, better food in neighborhoods, etc. etc. From what I've read, states with the most liberal abortion laws often have the healthiest children and most programs that improve the lives of families, especially women and children.

At CAF, we place a series of follow-up calls with the women who use our services. Sometimes women decide to go through with their pregnancies or are forced too because they were too far along (both outcomes have many reasons behind them). We offer to send them an informational package with many resources (helpline numbers, programs, informational brochures)- on parenting, pre-natal health, birthing options, breastfeeding, newborn and infant care, support groups and more.

I care about and fight for the rights of women and children. The only difference for me, however, is I don't consider a pregnancy a child unless the woman does. I am sensitive enough to use whatever language the woman and/or would-be mother wants to use to pull myself up to her level. Because I'm not in her situation. This is a sensitivity- nay, a conviction- anti-choice people seem to lack.

*Doulas, for instance, consistently improve parental-newborn bonding and with all parties'- mother(s), child(ren), father(s), etc.- overall health and satisfaction with the birth.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Brittany and Nicole

Hello Everyone:

I just want to give a big thanks to two COURAGEOUS AND AMAZING WOMEN!!!!!!!! Brittany and Nicole.......

I remember the first conversation and meeting I had with both these women. They are strong and great and since we first met I've seen them blossom more and more. I respect and admire their strength. I am humbled and honored each and every time I am in the presence of either of them.

I can remember not long ago going through some of the same struggles, and not having any support. I want to thank you guys for allowing myself and CAF to support you!

You both are the epitome of womanhood and your futures are definitely bright. Thank you for being exceptional mothers, dedicated activists, and a great representation for young women of color. I had the pleasure of working with you both today, and I am leaving today for the weekend with a smile on my face and a sense a hope.

We believe in both of you and all though the road is ruff you both keep pushing. You ladies inspire me to keep striving...... You are one of the many reasons,why for the first time in my life I have a job I truely adore.

Thank you for standing up with us for your children, our children, your families, our families, and so many other women....


With love,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roe Rally

Well I must say....the rally today moved me. Standing out there in the sun on Federal Plaza.....with other activists....expressing our voice....standing for choice! Wow!

But I was especially moved by Nicole....a member of the CAF "My Voice, My Choice" leadership group. She waved her signs and got on the bullhorn and did her thing! Amazing! And last night, she and Brittany got on stage at the abortion monologues and relayed their abortion access stories. I was emotionally overwhelmed! Yes, I was sitting like a proud mama in the audience but it was more than that.

These ladies believe in the leadership group....they support it....they want to know more about reproductive justice...they attend conferences, blog, host the talk show, educate themselves on choice related issues and make their faces and voices visible around the word "ABORTION". And it's not easy to do....but like I tell them.....we must do it! If not us, then who? We have to be visible! We have to speak out! The issue of reproductive justice affects them and those around them. So when they come to the table to do this work....that they don't get paid to do....because they believe in moves me to tears! I am watching these women....women who've had abortions like me....grow into real reproductive justice activists!

I also want to say a big "WHOO HOO" to Shay and Nicole for the coordinating of this rally.

A big thank you to those that supported, participated and worked on the Roe versus the Real World last night at the Center on Halsted! The Our Voice, Our Choices Coalition (who put the event together) with CFW is totally awesome! We kicked off the anniverary of Roe v. Wade in a very big way. To all the poets - you all TOTALLY ROCK! To Em (CAF staff) for babysitting and video taping. And to Brittany and Nicole - I LOVE YOU and I'M HUMBLED TO KNOW YOU BOTH!

Peace, Justice and Solidarity!


Happy Roe v Wade!!

I hope the rally was inspiring and uplifting... Remember these moments because they are very precious. Lets also use this power to educate and uplift our communities on having the choice.

Keep the movement alive!!

Sheri K.

Roe V. Wade Rally

I just finish rallying on Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago, Illinois for the Anniversary of Roe V. Wade making abortion Legal but also rallying to repeal the Hyde Amendment and let me tell you it was so empowering and such an invigorating experience me and other women of color coming together as one united standing for what we believe in we shouted and sang our chants of "what do we want access when do we want it now" and "hey hey ho ho the Hyde amendment has got to go" and people stared at us like, what are they doing ? But those stares only made me feel more proud and encouraged me to be more radical in the fight for women who look like me and want choice like me. So HEY HEY HO HO THE HYDE AMENDMENT HAS GOT TO GO!!!
Peace, Love and Choice!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let 's talk about injustice!

What's up!

Barack is officially the 44th President of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was reading Monday morning Chicago Sun- Times newspaper (the observation of MLK b-day). The heading read "Dad told to pay up or hitch up". Apparently, In Flint, Mich. the paternity laws were amended five years ago to waive birthing costs for a father if he married the child's mother. Now if I just read that part I probably wouldn't think it was that bad. The reason I say that is because if a couple gets married after they have a baby then all their bills become one so the paternity case would be non existent right? Well, in this case the mother was on Medicaid, and the state was pursuing the father to pay the $3800 (the medical cost for the birth). They told him if he married the mother he didn't have to pay the medical cost. The reason they are offering this incentive is to maintain the sanctity of marriage.

What's wrong with this picture? I see alot wrong..... Is it because she's poor and had to rely on Medicaid! Maybe she wanted an abortion at some point and couldn't afford to get one ( that's just an assumption) and now they are going force a marriage.

Let us know what you think...... To the pro choice community that participate in this blog let's talk about this.


In Solidarity!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it really worth it? !

I was just talking to my Advocacy Trainer Shay today and she told me how her job she has worked at for 1yr1/2 had threatened to fire her for coming to work late on a 15 below zero day where she has to get on the bus at 4:30am in the morning to be at work at 6am clear across town.At 4:30 in the morning it is very dangerous and cold beyond bearing.When she was telliing me this and expressing how disgraced she was it made me just take a look back and zoom into a time when I had to ride the bus clear across town for a job I despised in the cold and drop my daughter off before heading to work and It just clicked in my mind never again. Was it really worth it? Well I think not because I worked like a slave for them and end up getting fired unfairly and they didn't even want to give me my unemployment which I think is my right to have. So when I think about it why should you as a person slave for someone else or make sacrifices for someone else when at the end they leave you hanging. I 've been at that door plenty of times and its not a good feeling to have.Thats why I have decided to love me more and be more selfish because "ME" is important.No matter what else is going on. I think I'm worth more than some people will ever know!
Love, Peace, and Choice!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy and Daddy lets talk about Sex

"Let's talk about SEX ,baaabbby" as Salt and Peppa sings

So let's talk about it!

Mommy and Daddy, we need you to be pro-choice and pro-active in our lives. This world is big and it is a lot we do not know, and your guidance will help lead the way. The way to make better and mature decisions. Decisions that will not hurt or kill us. Although we do not always talk to you about our feelings, we still long for the day that you will ask. Oh, and not in a way that make us feel like we are doing something wrong. See its hard not to have sexual urges when all we see on TV is sex. So when we see that boy or girl at school, play "spin the bottle", or "dare", its hard not to react or think to react. That does not mean turn off the TV, because we are human--sexual beings. We just need that talk that exhibits care, understanding and concern. By having a sex talk only means that when and do a sexual act occurs we will remember those words you shared with us. Remember when you were my age, didn't you feel the way I do? Wasn't it difficult for you to hide those feelings? I would love to hear about those moments, so that I won't feel alone. Or feel like I'm committing a crime. Mommy and Daddy, talking to me about sex doesn't mean you are telling me to do it, because I will when I'm ready. And having that talk does make you a bad parent, it only makes you a caring one. Sometimes I do not want to talk to my friends because they are going through the same experience and I need an expert. And life has made you qualified for the job. The truth is that I am going to have sex with whom ever I choose and I need to know what to expect, what to watch out for, what to do. Yeah, I know its scary, but if you love me like you say you will be up for challenge. The challenge to save my life. I can't wait till that day comes where you will walk into my room and say.....
And I will be ready because my questions are already prepared.

The New Year

Happy New Year!

And a new year it is.....

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

Lets start taking care of our bodies, minds and souls. We are strong and should remain that way at all times. No man, woman, or non gender specific person should dictate what we decide to do with or to OUR bodies. Too many times we find ourselves giving our bodies to other people, especially men without being careful. Yes! Careful. Why do we continue to have unprotected sex knowing the AIDS/ HIV, STD, STI, unplanned pregnancy rates. Why do we continue to play Russian roulette with our lives, our children lives. Is this ignorance or insanity? I am not here to judge or ridicule, but this is certainly a problem. First let's think, if this person is willing to lay down with us without protection , then the chances of them using protection with another person is very slim. Second, what makes us think this person respect our bodies if they do take the time to protect it. So here we are with a problem, because we refuse to take control. We then become sick, mad, motherless, confused, empty, hurt, heartless. Ladies, I am sad. I am sad because we are beginning to believe that we know everything, have everything under control and sadly we do not. Over those bursting emotions we must always use our heads. We are not satellites, we do not know about everything at all times. So therefore it is imperative to take caution, most importantly with our bodies. We cannot trust anyone with our temples but ourselves and if we do not trust ourselves then we have nothing. Lets start the new year off right by protecting our bodies, through safe and consensual sex. We have the power to take agency and must implement it at all times.
In Peace

Sheri K.

Monday, January 12, 2009

the eight letter word

Hello, Im new to this blogging thing so bare with me...
I started watching this show called "The Secret life of the American Teenager" recently and I saw a reoccuring theme going on in the show, That Abortion is bad. So Bad in fact that the word was only said two maybe three times in the whole first season(which I saw in a marathon)! they used difrerent phrases to explain it like " getting rid of it" or "getting it taken care of" but never the actual word, Abortion. It's like saying abortion is saying the s word while dropping the f-bomb standing under an umbrella on a hot summers night. I'm not exactly sure why, no scrach that, I do know why. Its because only Evil selfish women have Abortion, horrible women who are probably crack addicts and hookers. Not women who are educated, classy and sophisticated right? and they have to portray the main charecter in that light, or no one would watch the show. Well if people did there research they would see that one out of every three women have had an abortion. I really think that the writers and society as a whole needs to get there act together and finally see abortion for what is, not a stigma, but a well earned justice for women and Human rights.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Rally!

Happy 2009 y'all!

It's 2009 and we have a lot to get excited about in the first month of the year. We have elected the first African - American President in history, it is expected we will be the majority at the largest presidential inauguration in American history, and yes it's the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
In honor of Roe v. Wade, Chicago Abortion Fund is holding a rally on Federal Plaza in Chi town.

We are not only going to be celebrating that a historic moment in history, but we are also rallying to support to repeal the infamous Hyde amendment and HB5615. We have made a huge step, but we have so far to go. I am so excited more excited than I've been in a very long time. This is something that I will be able to tell my daughters. I will be able to show that I was on the front line advocating for their rights and "ALL" women rights. I've always admired the art of activism, and I've always wanted to rally for a great cause that was dear to me. Most of all I've always wanted to be the voice for those who are not aware of how important their voices really are. On Jan. 22, 2009 I will get that opportunity again and I can't wait. It's crazy how each time feels as invigorating and powerful as the first time.

Join us in our fight and let your voice be heard. It's a very good feeling to be apart of movement!

Until next time, be safe, be blessed, and be empowered!!!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend......