Monday, April 15, 2013

Say What???!!! Wait, I'm Not Surprised At All.....

So Paul Ryan wants anti- choice citizens to "respect the views of the pro-choice community and then encourage them to change them." Isn't that the opposite of respecting someone's views? He recently told the students of Howard University that the Republican party was the party of the Civil Rights Movement. What books have Ryan been reading? And let's not forget the agenda of the Republican National Committee, calling for more inclusion and outreach to women, minorities  and gay people but not to make changes in  policy. Reaching out to these group means changing policies. There is no other reason for "reaching out" unless the RNC is going to change its way of thinking. Perhaps the two sides will have tea and discussing the plethora of bills the RNC wishes to pass that will further oppress them.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Reopening of Dr. Tiller's Clinic

This week the Trust Women Foundation has reopened the slain doctor's clinic under the new name, South Wind Women's Center, in Kansas. Dr. Tiller was murdered in 2009 by an anti- choice lunatic inside a church. The new clinic will offer abortion services for women up to 14 weeks gestation. News like this really motivates me to continuing the work that I do. Regardless of any gun- carrying lunatic or anti- choice legislation, the movement continues, just as Dr. Tiller would have wanted.