Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is Pro-Choice Enough?

Reproductive justice means that women have the right to choose if and when they want to parent and that the resources to do so are available; socially, economically, environmentally. Being pro- choice is not enough when there is no access to the needed resources when making those decisions. Choosing abortion or parenthood is more than making a choice. What do you do after you choose abortion but the nearest abortion provider is out of state because of anti- choice legislation denies women access in their home state? What are the parents to do when their are no jobs to help them support their families? What about the parents who live in food deserts with no access to fresh fruits and vegetables? Or what about the women who are forced to carry a pregnancy to term because she can't afford her abortion due to her -underpaying job. Yes I am pro-choice and very vocal about it. I have shared my abortion story from Chicago to D.C. and live television! However, I do realize the importance of reproductive justice and its movement. It doesn't imply that women are victims. Instead it acknowledges and addresses the injustices that women face regarding their reproductive rights and health. Without ACCESS there is no CHOICE!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here's To A New Trend!......I Hope


While abortion advocates rejoice his efforts the anti- choice community is in an uproar. The fact that abortion bans exists at any level speaks to how far this country has not come. Roe v. Wade ended abortion as a crime yet the anti- choice politicians and community have stopped at nothing to take away ACCESS to abortion. State bans on abortion means that women have to travel out of state to seek a procedure that is legal and medically safe. Where is the woman's choice if she doesn't have access?! The choice is then between which state to travel to in order to have an abortion. Let's hope Gov. Cuomo's legislation is passed. Maybe it will start a trend of abortion bans being lifted vs the wave of abortion bans being introduced.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Economics of Abortion

Many people don't realize the economics behind abortion. For women seeking an abortion there are several factors to consider; money, time, and family. First trimester abortions are less expensive than 2nd trimester abortions. That does NOT mean that it affordable. It simply is costs less than a 2nd trimester procedure. When I made the decision to have an abortion I was still in my first trimester. However, I could not afford the procedure so by the time I came up with the full amount I was in my second trimester. This also required that I miss two days from work since the procedure required that I return to the clinic for two consecutive days. I was only employed part-time which meant that I would be short on my rent money. Providing for the children I already had was going to be even harder as I had to miss work. My story is not an extreme case. This is the plight for most women who choose abortion. Most women who seek an abortion are unemployed or underpaid and are mothers already. These are real issues that real women face when choosing abortion!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


that scratchy feeling in your throat
knowing that the worst is soon to come
the fever, the runny nose, the aches and pains
And then nothing
You open your mouth to speak
yet nothing comes out
alas, your are silenced by something beyond your control
the flu has taken over
unfortunately women aren't silenced by the flu
we have anti- choice elected officials
who constantly attack us to thank for that
rather it's newly introduced anti- choice legislation,
another comprehensive sex- ed bill shot down
a new definition for rape
or attacks against abortion providers and clinics....
this is why i drink orange juice and feminist punch daily