Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Was it Rape, Incest, or Life Threatening ?

We all knew that election time means a few things and the war on women is one of them. Abortion always seems to get media attention now and hardly ever after that (unless it's some new anti- choice legislation being introduce). Now every anti- choice politician seems to be coming out of the wood-works to state how they don't believe a woman should have an abortion under any circumstance. Rape is being redefined as I type and as quick as they let all this malarkey out of their mouths, an apology is soon to follow. Or in some cases a "clarification."
These "circumstances" leaves the door open for people to argue that one woman's decision to terminate a pregnant is justifiable and all others aren't. The only justifiable reason for choosing abortion is BECAUSE A  WOMAN CHOOSES TO! Having choice means women get to choose if and/or when she decides to become a parent under any circumstance.

Friday, October 19, 2012


I find no shame in telling people that I've had an abortion. There is no shame in making choices and decisions regarding my OWN body. No one knows what a woman's current mental, physical, or emotional state is when choosing to terminate a pregnancy or carry it to term. Either way, a woman should be supported in her decision making. Too often does society look to shame and control women without tackling the issues surrounding abortion. What are some of the factors that aid a woman in determining to terminate a pregnancy? What social disparities contributed to her decision? What can we do to make sure women receive support and access to resources that will help her in all of her decision making? Women are forced to carry unwanted and unintended pregnancies to term because of lack of resources and support.Abortion isn't as black and white as society often seems to make it. What abortion is and always has been is a choice that women have to make. Carrying a pregnancy to term is the same thing: a woman's choice. And that is where the real shame lies.