Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Given the Upper Hand

I had a debate with a male about abortion. I tried to explain to him the obstacles women face while making decisions about pregnacy. I told him to turn on C-SPAN and see what's going on with these health bills. His argument, however, wasn't about acknowleding a woman's situation, the affordability of abortion, or the use of medicaid or private health insurance. He wanted to know about the men's rights as fathers. There are fathers out there that want children, but if a woman decides that she does not want to come to term with the pregnacy, the man is left SOL. He wants to know why more money isn't going into medical research that will enable men to give birth to children. He argues that men and women are suppose to be equal, but are not equal in this issue. All I could say is, "I guess this is where women have the upper hand".

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Is a Compromise???!!!

So of course I think the Stupak Amendment is stupid but here's another one. Sen. Nelson has agreed to a healthcare reform that still denies women the right to abortion even through private insurance but he "compromised" and said let the states decide on that. So either way the government gets to decide if women can have an abortion. Yes, that's their compromise! And yes, it's just as stupid and ridiculous as Stupak's. They are dreaming of a day when ALL abortion is illegal and we're fighting continuously to NEVER see that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

decisions, decisions

So I'm reading this book, and I came across a note the author wrote. It read... "Dear Self, If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change what I did, I would change the way I felt about what I did". I think about people, friends, family, myself, and I think about all the things we say we regret. I think about how we say we feel about certain decisions that we've made. Living in the past can't change anything. Respect all of your past decisions whether good or bad and take it as a lesson learned.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I am thankful for all the mistakes I've made, all the challenges I've overcame and all the people in my life.

I have come so far and I have to say that I make myself proud. It really feels good to wake up in the morning and truly believe in yourself. Despite all that I've been through in my life I am so thankful for it all. Sometimes your life experiences can make you feel like you don't have much to be thankful for, and I have to say that my life has changed full circle so I don't have days anymore that I feel ungrateful.

Life gets crazy sometimes and we forget to be thankful. So today, as I sit her at my desk I feel really humbled to have a job and on top of that it's a job that I really enjoy.

It feels good to be thankful! I am thankful that I am taking a stand to make a change. I'm so thankful that I can physically feel it in the pit of my stomach. I know that I've walked with my higher power throughout my journey and I am so thankful for his grace in mercy. So often do we go about our daily routines and without showing any gratitude for anything or to anyone.

To all that this reaches I want to personally thank you for being you and contributing to something great. Peace and blessings to all!!!!!!

Much Love


Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am sitting here wondering about the future of this country. The children are the future. So many kids are not being raised. They are literally doing it themselves. Even though they may not be our own, we can at least offer them some knowledge. Who knows? One encouraging thought from a stranger could go a long way. We all need something to believe in. Maybe it's time we start believing in them. And maybe they'll start beleiving more in themselves.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Women Can’t Afford Inequality

“Women Can’t Afford Inequality” was, hand-down, the best sign I saw at anti-Stupak-Pitts Amendment rallies. I can’t tell you how much that resonated in me. As the recession continues, abortion funds are seeing a swell of people calling in for funds- not just from the women themselves, but also from families and friends trying to gather information for their loved ones and from clinics asking for just a little more…

At CAF, we’ve been getting more calls about fetal anomalies and women's health risks. More women are being denied by their private insurance companies for medically necessary abortions. Take, for example, a woman who called whose insurance did not want to cover her surgical abortion, necessary to complete her natural abortion (miscarriage) until she had an actual infection. She and her husband were told by the hospital they’d need $9,000 for the procedure, if they didn’t want to wait to endanger her life. Another woman had a large tumor that needed to be removed and decided that an abortion made sense both medically and at this time in her life, but her student insurance wouldn’t cover it. Between her and her parents, she still needed more. A single mother’s fetus was diagnosed with multiple anomalies and had to drive 6 hours each way for the multi-day procedure.

Can you imagine these women hearing “No.” from the insurance companies they thought they could rely on? The companies they were paying for out of their own pockets? Even if they are lucky enough to come up with most of the money… And lucky enough be helped by the clinics that discount the procedure or by getting through to the funds that still have money… More often then not, they still have to come up with gas money, transportation if they don’t own a car, money for childcare, take off precious days from work (if they’re lucky enough to be working in this economy), find/afford housing near their clinics if they can’t go home the day or two (or sometimes 3) that they need to be at the clinic… All while racing against the clock, as their pregnancies progress and the procedures become longer, more involved, and more expensive.

We need to stop the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, repeal the Hyde Amendment, and nip any similar amendments in the bud. Because women can’t afford inequality.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

TU Shay

Maybe it could be a good idea for her to carry the pregnancy to terms. May be it would give her the reason she needs to finallly get out of the realationship assuming that something terrible doesnt happen to her before she gets out but like you said it is ultimately her choice and whatever decision she makes hopefully it will pan out to be a good one.

A childish thing like that

A friend of mine who just separated from her abusive husband and is now a single mother of two found out she is pregnant. When she told me that she was pregnant I was really concerned because she is in an abusive relationship. As we continued to talk she didn't sound like she really wanted to parent another child, because of her situation. However, you could tell that she has been talking to someone that was not pro choice. Due to the nature of her marriage and her emotional I didn't want to inflict my opinion on her so I was very cautious in my choice of words.

I just listened and sympathized and listened as she went back and forth about whether she wanted to have an abortion or carry the child. As she said something and what she said made me cringe and it took everything in my entire body to curb my tongue. She said and I quote, " I can' have an abortion, Why would I do childish thing like that"? I frankly don't remember to much about the conversation beyond that point, but what I wanted to ask her so bad is do you think it would be "adultish"( I don't think thats a word lol) to parent a child in an abusive dysfunctional household? Well the world may never know. I didn't ask her because I knew that would have turned into an argument. Another reason I didn't ask her is because ultimately it's her choice!

That was few weeks ago and I haven't heard from her since. She has been on my mind so I 've just been praying that she makes the best choice for her.

Peace and blessings!