Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Only One Word Can Express This

That word is shocked. So I'm in the car with my mom and sis and we accidentally end up in the outskirts of blue island and I see a shockingly big billboard that says " Abortion, the #1 killer in Illinois". I'm so confused I mean I walk through the hood and I see fpa signs that say Leading abortion provider. As if to say if your black we want you to keep getting abortions but if your white abortion is a crime.I'm so shocked at these marketing strategies, but at the same time it's getting old.I mean sometimes I wish I could just go up to every sign like that and write HATER and big red bold letters cause that's all it is, hating on a woman's choice and white women get just as many abortions as black women or other races. Also everyone knows that abortion is not the #1 killer in Illinois, ignorant people are just like the people who came up with that billboard.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So it appears that the parental notification law has been cleared to be enforced in Illinois. This is yet another way to control women. The decision to have an abortion is a difficult one to make. But it is still that woman's decision. The only notification of that decision should be to the clinic, not the parents! I'm a mother myself. Why don't we as parents do our part and build relationships with our daughters that if THEY decide to have an abortion, maybe THEY will decide to tell us . And NOT be forced to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two more bad arguments from both sides.

So, we got more hate mail on our youtube account! I looked up some of the person's videos and wanted to respond to two more arguments he and others I’ve heard say.

First, he responded to “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.” Which is a horrible argument in the context that most people use it. It’s easy to counter- insert “Don’t like rape? Don’t commit it,” or a similar line. But I do think the feeling behind it is valid and this is why: many people who consider themselves “pro-life” have abortions and/or have been in situations where they’ve supported women who have had abortions. Generally it’s the thought process of “The Only Moral Abortion Is My Abortion” (taken from the title of this excellent article). I believe most people are pro-choice but don’t like the idea of abortion in one aspect or another and are thus swayed by the term and promise of “pro-life”- which is OK. That’s a starting point. We can learn to break down people’s judgments, misinformation and subtle misogynistic attitudes. This comment is a starting ground to inform people, but poorly worded and not thought out too well.

Next, there was the old argument, “abortion is a decision that no woman makes lightly,” similar to that ridiculous “abortion should be safe, legal and rare,” statement. Yes, abortion should be safe- there should be laws regulating it and the people who go into the business, just as with any other medical procedure. But a woman’s decision is hers alone. I have known women who have decided to terminate her pregnancy the second she discovered she was pregnant or that something was wrong with the pregnancy, without a second thought or regret. I’ve known women who have struggled with what their decision should be and then others who have decided to continue with a pregnancy despite the risks to her own health or being in a bad situation. Each woman’s decision is hers and both those statements belittle her self agency and individual situations. Judging her or telling her what to do- in any situation- is not helpful!

So, for me, it basically comes down to this: be nice to women. Everyone, really. Stop judging them, making excuses for them or trying to control their lives.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

June's episode of "The A Word" is now up!

Gaylon and Crystal host June's episode of "The A Word". They discuss Dr. Tiller's life and assassination, and what steps we need to further the reproductive rights movement.