Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Only One Word Can Express This

That word is shocked. So I'm in the car with my mom and sis and we accidentally end up in the outskirts of blue island and I see a shockingly big billboard that says " Abortion, the #1 killer in Illinois". I'm so confused I mean I walk through the hood and I see fpa signs that say Leading abortion provider. As if to say if your black we want you to keep getting abortions but if your white abortion is a crime.I'm so shocked at these marketing strategies, but at the same time it's getting old.I mean sometimes I wish I could just go up to every sign like that and write HATER and big red bold letters cause that's all it is, hating on a woman's choice and white women get just as many abortions as black women or other races. Also everyone knows that abortion is not the #1 killer in Illinois, ignorant people are just like the people who came up with that billboard.

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