Monday, September 14, 2009

When a Woman's Choice is a Woman's Choice

So I just found out I'm a grandmother!

I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time. This 5 month old bundle of joy is so precious that I'm already in love. I wouldn't give him back for anything in the world and I don't even know him well enough yet! My son didn't want to be a parent. Yet, despite the safer sex talks a pregnancy happened. I told my son that those things happen when you leave your reproductive health in the hands of others. However, I still believe that the woman has the right to choose to whether she wants to carry a pregnancy to term or not. The young lady chose not to terminate her pregnancy and the result was a beautiful grandbaby for me.

I'm sure some on the other side wonder how I can love my grandchild and still be pro-choice (you know how illogical and irrational their thoughts are). The answer is simple. Women should be able to determine, no matter the circumstance, whether they want to become a mother. I know the argument about the father's involvement in the decision making (heck look at my son) but it is more often than not a woman's responsibility to raise and support the child (even in some cases where the father is in the household). So until a man can carry a child and accept all that comes with it, I don't believe their rights trumps a woman's.

My son wasn't ready and didn't want the baby, the mother did. I accept and respect that.

And I will continue to be pro-choice until the end!

Friday, September 11, 2009

"Saving" Babies.

“We confirmed that a second baby was saved from abortion on Saturday at Carhart’s mill. Woman went in then left without abortion. -Operation Rescue”

The thing is, abortion clinics have options counseling. They will help you decide if abortion or birthing- be it to parent or as part of an adoption plan- is best for you. My friends who are counselors have told women to come back another day as they were not emotionally ready to have the procedure right then. They have also helped women decide against an abortion after reviewing their options and emotional needs. Most women come into abortion clinics with their mind made up and the counseling only helps in that maybe they have no one else to talk to. Others come on in the middle of life upheaval that leaves them a whirlwind of emotions they need to sort out. I don’t see ob/gyns and prenatal care clinics employing social workers, psychologists and/or therapists to ensure that the women have access to all their options and are thinking in a clear mental state.

So maybe the woman left because of the anti-choice folks’ bullying. That would be a shame that they emotionally unloaded on her so much that she felt pressured to change the rest of her life, despite probably deciding on an abortion after weighing her options. Or maybe- her options counselor helped her conclude that she really did want to give birth and helped her plan her best options. I hope it’s the latter and that she has a tentative plan with support . But if it is the former, I wish her the best of luck and hope it does end up being the best decision.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dr. Carhart and Women

Well I am still trying to pull myself together so I will make this short and sweet. Will post something a bit more thought provoking later this week. It was a long drive!

A van full of CAF people drove down.....was a 7 hour drive which took us 8 - 10 hours. 10 people in the van....gas and bathroom breaks! I'm tired!

Will post a pix later!