Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Change in the Holiday Season

hey! it's me again.....blogging about choice....blogging about life!

as we move closer to another year....another holiday season....please don't forget the women that are less fortunate...that struggle to make ends meet. that go to dead end jobs for little or inadequate pay and no benefits. that deal with a variety of "isms" (classism, racism, ageism) in order to feed their children or support themselves. women in situations or relationships they can't quite escape for whatever reason. women with addictions and not enough treatment facilities to support them. women with health issues or chronic illnesses. women with mental health issues. women that have been violated by others. women that have been ignored by society. women that are trying to make it while trying to control their reproductive health.

WOMEN! Don't forget them!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


There are women out there who believe that there's some women who are incapable of making the "right" choice regarding abortion. There is only one "right" choice and that is YOUR CHOICE! I am pro- choice. I believe that no matter what decision you choose, it's right because you made it. If a woman decides to half ten kids and/or ten abortion I'll support her regardless. For the individuals who don't support a woman's choice to have an abortion regardless of her reasons for having one, let's hope you support her emotionally and financially if she decides to have a child. Where are all the "pro-life" people then? NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Is it because I'm Black"

Recently I had got hired at an abortion clinic and it made me realize once more that in this life allot of times people don't care about the everyday challenges you face or how you deal with them. Especially when it comes to white people who are not marginalized and are scared of people like myself who are colored. I was working at this clinic for two weeks and then they sent me to another location of theirs to get phone training and called me over the phone and fired me. Why, I couldn't understand, but after thinking about this one event I realized what it was. I had to learn the hard way,They had this one girl training me and when she would train me when we had time she would talk about personal things, which I didn't consider to be intimate!, we were just talking, so she was saying how she met this guy and he had a PHD and couldn't find a job and so I replied by saying yeah its hard to find a job because of the recession and my friend has a background and I tell him he has to work extra hard because people like her friend are having a hard time so he has to work harder than the average person.I didn't consider that to be anything that would get me in trouble in any kind of way. But oh does news travel fast and misconscrewed !! So two days later the lady who hired me and the CEO of the company who were both white came to me and told me that several people came to her and told her that I said My boyfriend or husband robs houses.She said that concerned her because the clinic had been robbed before and ask me did i say anything like that and I told her I was talking about my boyfriend not husband and all I said was he had a background, I didn't disclose to her what was on it and I hadn't said that he was a robber and I would never date anyone who does something that horrible because I had been robbed in daylight with a gun and she told me just keep my personal business to myself and that this discussion was not going to affect my job, but she lied because the next week they called and fired me over the phone saying that" I was just not a good fit". I felt like saying "Is it because I'm Black" like Queen Latifah on beauty shop but I refrained myself because After I had the meeting I knew there was going to be trouble because she seemed freaked out by what whoever had told her. I felt freaked out I was very angry that some one would twist my words and go back and tell the CEO. So I asked I asked the person I told and they said they didn't say anything but I didn't know whether to believe her or not because another lady told me that the managers can listen to what your saying downstairs from upstairs after the fact. Sooooo many people were talking about the other people that work there behind their back I should have knew to be xtra cautious with anything I said. But I said it with out even thinking and this injustice just made me realize that because I am a black women I have to always be on my toes and one step ahead of everybody else.Sometimes I feel like the crab in the tank who keeps getting pulled back in. I don't understand what my friend having a background has to do with my job if i am doing what I am suppose to do. But I guess be cause I am black it has allot to do with it. I can't believe how racist people are even after the election of the president . But I guess progress doesn't happen over night. I mean I thought I would be at this job for a while and be able to be on my own and take care of my bills without needing someone else. I mean I needed that job and one little roomer ended it. Whats so messed up is that the day before they fired me my aunt whose building I was living in ask me to leave because she didn't like my boyfriend who is no longer my boyfriend. So now I am starting all over from nothing again. I don't know, in life sometimes it just seems like the fight will never end. I mean as soon as you think your ship is coming it just passes you on by. I know I have to keep on pushing but when things like this happens some times you just want to throw the towel in. But I do realize if I do that it would be giving the other team an easy win and anything worth having is worth fighting for and one day I will live instead of just surviving on this earth. People aren't always going to be fair to you so nether is life.The worst thing of all is they didn't even have the audacity or courage to fire me to my face. Which made it all the more disturbing and let me know that it was because of my color and me being associated with someone who has a background. My friend is just someone who made some bad choices when he was younger and paid his dues now he is trying to turn his life around but how can he do that if no one will give him a chance. Just a little one but maybe one day God will sprinkle a little grace on him too so until next time "Remember nobody is going to give you anything sometimes you have to take or fight for it but never throw the towel in cuz I'm not! In the words of my Beautiful Black Brother "I'm getting mines" and it takes more muscles to frown than smile.So hold your head up!
Love, Peace and Choice

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sisters with different Songs coming togather in ATL!!

Im back from the SisterSong conference and there is only one word that comes close enough to describe this undescribable experience and that is "empowering". There were so many women of color from different places with different stories but all still similar to mine.I cried,
I laughed, I partied and got spiritual.Not all at the same time but all in the same weekend. Going to the conference gave me hope not only for myself but also for the future my daughter and it showed me truley if united we can stand anything but if divided we fall and fail. So remember that and use it. Peace, Love and Choice.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I hope everyone is in good spirits!

We went to the ATL and I had a jolly good time!

I had the lovely opportunity to take the trip with 3 lovely ladies. I got to grub at Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles...... I was of the chain!!!!! I got to me and talk with a lovely young lady that really supports us at CAF (Hey Kandance = ) Not to mention I felt so empowered when I was walking through the southern suburban mall with an " I Had An Abortion" t shirt and OBama earrings. Boy you should have seen the looks I was getting. So what screw them it's My Voice and My Choice.

I am proud to anounce that I had a revelation at the conference....... I am a TRUE ACTVIST for Reproductive Justice and Reproductive Rights!!!!! and yes I can breakdown the difference between the to if you need me to!

On a serious note I got an opportunity to get away and be amongst women of color that are taking a stand and it felt GOOD!

Peace and Blessings to all. I hope you enjoyed your holiday!!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grassroots Leadership from the Bottom Up!

Reading previous posts and how the women have connected to a world greater than them, is really inspiring. I see on a daily basis, how these women we've funded work through the challenges that life presents to them. I am inspired because they are not giving up, they believe their lives matter and they continue to try to make their lives better. The women we serve do not have the privilege to volunteer full-time as we would like. However, they give us the time they can and have gone to conferences, hosted the talk show and blogged. This is inspiring for me. I get paid to do this work - they don't. So I don't take this lightly. I admire them greatly and my heart is full when I do this work on behalf of them.

This is how new leadership is developed, grown and cultivated. Grassroots activism at it's best!