Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grassroots Leadership from the Bottom Up!

Reading previous posts and how the women have connected to a world greater than them, is really inspiring. I see on a daily basis, how these women we've funded work through the challenges that life presents to them. I am inspired because they are not giving up, they believe their lives matter and they continue to try to make their lives better. The women we serve do not have the privilege to volunteer full-time as we would like. However, they give us the time they can and have gone to conferences, hosted the talk show and blogged. This is inspiring for me. I get paid to do this work - they don't. So I don't take this lightly. I admire them greatly and my heart is full when I do this work on behalf of them.

This is how new leadership is developed, grown and cultivated. Grassroots activism at it's best!

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