Monday, September 14, 2009

When a Woman's Choice is a Woman's Choice

So I just found out I'm a grandmother!

I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time. This 5 month old bundle of joy is so precious that I'm already in love. I wouldn't give him back for anything in the world and I don't even know him well enough yet! My son didn't want to be a parent. Yet, despite the safer sex talks a pregnancy happened. I told my son that those things happen when you leave your reproductive health in the hands of others. However, I still believe that the woman has the right to choose to whether she wants to carry a pregnancy to term or not. The young lady chose not to terminate her pregnancy and the result was a beautiful grandbaby for me.

I'm sure some on the other side wonder how I can love my grandchild and still be pro-choice (you know how illogical and irrational their thoughts are). The answer is simple. Women should be able to determine, no matter the circumstance, whether they want to become a mother. I know the argument about the father's involvement in the decision making (heck look at my son) but it is more often than not a woman's responsibility to raise and support the child (even in some cases where the father is in the household). So until a man can carry a child and accept all that comes with it, I don't believe their rights trumps a woman's.

My son wasn't ready and didn't want the baby, the mother did. I accept and respect that.

And I will continue to be pro-choice until the end!


Vegan_Em said...

Congratulations, Gaylon! How exciting!

Jack Oblonski said...

Are we supposed to rejoice?

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