Monday, January 12, 2009

the eight letter word

Hello, Im new to this blogging thing so bare with me...
I started watching this show called "The Secret life of the American Teenager" recently and I saw a reoccuring theme going on in the show, That Abortion is bad. So Bad in fact that the word was only said two maybe three times in the whole first season(which I saw in a marathon)! they used difrerent phrases to explain it like " getting rid of it" or "getting it taken care of" but never the actual word, Abortion. It's like saying abortion is saying the s word while dropping the f-bomb standing under an umbrella on a hot summers night. I'm not exactly sure why, no scrach that, I do know why. Its because only Evil selfish women have Abortion, horrible women who are probably crack addicts and hookers. Not women who are educated, classy and sophisticated right? and they have to portray the main charecter in that light, or no one would watch the show. Well if people did there research they would see that one out of every three women have had an abortion. I really think that the writers and society as a whole needs to get there act together and finally see abortion for what is, not a stigma, but a well earned justice for women and Human rights.

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Vegan_Em said...

Crystal! I wrote a blog post about that show. We should watch it together, laugh and deconstruct it. :))