Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roe Rally

Well I must say....the rally today moved me. Standing out there in the sun on Federal Plaza.....with other activists....expressing our voice....standing for choice! Wow!

But I was especially moved by Nicole....a member of the CAF "My Voice, My Choice" leadership group. She waved her signs and got on the bullhorn and did her thing! Amazing! And last night, she and Brittany got on stage at the abortion monologues and relayed their abortion access stories. I was emotionally overwhelmed! Yes, I was sitting like a proud mama in the audience but it was more than that.

These ladies believe in the leadership group....they support it....they want to know more about reproductive justice...they attend conferences, blog, host the talk show, educate themselves on choice related issues and make their faces and voices visible around the word "ABORTION". And it's not easy to do....but like I tell them.....we must do it! If not us, then who? We have to be visible! We have to speak out! The issue of reproductive justice affects them and those around them. So when they come to the table to do this work....that they don't get paid to do....because they believe in moves me to tears! I am watching these women....women who've had abortions like me....grow into real reproductive justice activists!

I also want to say a big "WHOO HOO" to Shay and Nicole for the coordinating of this rally.

A big thank you to those that supported, participated and worked on the Roe versus the Real World last night at the Center on Halsted! The Our Voice, Our Choices Coalition (who put the event together) with CFW is totally awesome! We kicked off the anniverary of Roe v. Wade in a very big way. To all the poets - you all TOTALLY ROCK! To Em (CAF staff) for babysitting and video taping. And to Brittany and Nicole - I LOVE YOU and I'M HUMBLED TO KNOW YOU BOTH!

Peace, Justice and Solidarity!


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