Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy and Daddy lets talk about Sex

"Let's talk about SEX ,baaabbby" as Salt and Peppa sings

So let's talk about it!

Mommy and Daddy, we need you to be pro-choice and pro-active in our lives. This world is big and it is a lot we do not know, and your guidance will help lead the way. The way to make better and mature decisions. Decisions that will not hurt or kill us. Although we do not always talk to you about our feelings, we still long for the day that you will ask. Oh, and not in a way that make us feel like we are doing something wrong. See its hard not to have sexual urges when all we see on TV is sex. So when we see that boy or girl at school, play "spin the bottle", or "dare", its hard not to react or think to react. That does not mean turn off the TV, because we are human--sexual beings. We just need that talk that exhibits care, understanding and concern. By having a sex talk only means that when and do a sexual act occurs we will remember those words you shared with us. Remember when you were my age, didn't you feel the way I do? Wasn't it difficult for you to hide those feelings? I would love to hear about those moments, so that I won't feel alone. Or feel like I'm committing a crime. Mommy and Daddy, talking to me about sex doesn't mean you are telling me to do it, because I will when I'm ready. And having that talk does make you a bad parent, it only makes you a caring one. Sometimes I do not want to talk to my friends because they are going through the same experience and I need an expert. And life has made you qualified for the job. The truth is that I am going to have sex with whom ever I choose and I need to know what to expect, what to watch out for, what to do. Yeah, I know its scary, but if you love me like you say you will be up for challenge. The challenge to save my life. I can't wait till that day comes where you will walk into my room and say.....
And I will be ready because my questions are already prepared.

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