Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The New Year

Happy New Year!

And a new year it is.....

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

Lets start taking care of our bodies, minds and souls. We are strong and should remain that way at all times. No man, woman, or non gender specific person should dictate what we decide to do with or to OUR bodies. Too many times we find ourselves giving our bodies to other people, especially men without being careful. Yes! Careful. Why do we continue to have unprotected sex knowing the AIDS/ HIV, STD, STI, unplanned pregnancy rates. Why do we continue to play Russian roulette with our lives, our children lives. Is this ignorance or insanity? I am not here to judge or ridicule, but this is certainly a problem. First let's think, if this person is willing to lay down with us without protection , then the chances of them using protection with another person is very slim. Second, what makes us think this person respect our bodies if they do take the time to protect it. So here we are with a problem, because we refuse to take control. We then become sick, mad, motherless, confused, empty, hurt, heartless. Ladies, I am sad. I am sad because we are beginning to believe that we know everything, have everything under control and sadly we do not. Over those bursting emotions we must always use our heads. We are not satellites, we do not know about everything at all times. So therefore it is imperative to take caution, most importantly with our bodies. We cannot trust anyone with our temples but ourselves and if we do not trust ourselves then we have nothing. Lets start the new year off right by protecting our bodies, through safe and consensual sex. We have the power to take agency and must implement it at all times.
In Peace

Sheri K.

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