Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blast Off!

Thanks Nicole for putting the blast o meter on! I LOVE IT!

Do want to touch on a few things. Barack was pretty much raised by his mother and her parents. However, when his mother got pregnant with him she was still married to Barack's dad. About two years later they seperated.

On another note....did you know that through the course of history religion has been used to keep people in control not to bring them closer to God. Women have always been viewed as a weaker sex - one that needed to be controlled. Yet, women have always attempted to control their reproductive health in some form or fashion. Even during slavery women had abortions so that they would not bring a child by a slave owner into the world. They would take herbs and other natural remedies to abort fetuses.

My point here is simple....women won't be controlled. We will control our own bodies...legally or illegally. We have the absolute right to regulate the bodies we live in!

Peace, Justice and Choice.....All the Way!


Ps. Nicole....some religious/spiritual folks are on our side too....look up "Catholics for Choice" or "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice". And keep the blasts coming girl!

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