Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damn.... When will the madness end!

Man stabbed to death for 'disrespect': prosecutors

CHATHAM 4 women accused in knife attack after argument

That's what I saw as I read the daily Chicago Sun-Times on Monday Feb. 2, 2009.

I have lived on the South Side for my entire life and growing up Chatham was a considered a "Nice" area. It's a neighborhood located between 79th and 95th from Cottage Grove to Princeton. Before I was born my parents lived in this area. It has a reputation of being a solidly middle-class African American community in the city, and is home to several of the most successful black businesses in the country. My father later bought a condo in this area and still owns, but uses as an investment property. This incident isn't suprising, because when lately when I'm in that area I have noticed alot of unecessary riff-raff and an increased police prescence. I have a cousin that actually lives a block from where this madness ocurred.

Since I have given the history of the area that this violent act occured. I also want to share when I was on my way home from a visit at my cousins early Sunday morning I seen the guy that was stabbed coat laying on the ground where the attack happened.

I just want to say that it saddens me deeply that five lives are gone. Five young blacks lives are gone over an argument about a broken cigarette. This is definitely another tragedy. A young black man is dead and four young women will probably spend most of their lives if not their entire lives in jail. I jusr wanted to talk about this, because a few short weeks ago we were rejoicing about the inauguration of the first black president, and then we still open the paper to see these senseless acts of violence.

Just make you think no matter how far we think we've come we have a long way to go. Think of how many lives this incident is going affect.

Damn.... when will the madness stop!!!

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