Saturday, February 28, 2009


I just finished filming a documentary about the My Voice, My Choice leadership group and it was very empowering. I've never been a part something this amazing in my life!! So Gaylon, THANK YOUxoxoxoxoxoxox. After we were done filming, we stopped in an Whole Foods grocery store and Gaylon pulls out a tax exempt letter and the cashier says, "Is this like the link card or something?" WTF!!!!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the link card an actual card? I thought so too. Maybe because we were black she assumed it was some form of government assistance because apparently that's the only form of payment we have!!! So in the words of Nicole.......... the whole foods cashier has officially been put on blast!!!!!!!!

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Veronica said...

Oh hell no!

I think a nicely worded letter to the store manager and district manager is in order. Ask them to retrain check out staff on the difference between LINK & tax exempt AND how they should be respectful of those with LINK cards.

BTW - Can't wait to see what y'all filmed!!