Thursday, June 3, 2010

Your Man was off the hook last night

This is what I saw posted on a shirt while in a local store in my neighborhood. When I saw this I ask the lady behind the counter did women actually buy that shirt and she said yes it was one of their best sellers and this disgusted me. Why are shirts like this always in minority neighborhoods, starting up drama. I mean what does that really say you were with somebody else's man. Did you feel not good enough that you could get your own.Why would you wanna be second place. Are we as women really complacent with that. This is madness. As long as you label your sellf as second you will never be first in your life or anybody elses.


Gaylon said...

thank you nicole for this post. it reminds me of a billboard i saw (over on 63rd) years ago for a hair care product that said: "your man, my hair, your drama".

the negativity that society and the media force feeds us is absolutely crazy. at some point we need to take a stand over this. for example, we need to stop looking at reality shows that promote this craziness.

keep your baby away from the tv!

Vegan_Em said...

Those types of shirts are made to promote hatred, jealousy and distrust between women so we are less likely to stand up together and fight the awful parts of this world. It's really sad that so many people are buying into it.

shaymvmc said...

I totally agree! I thought it was just me, but I've seen alot of disturbing t-shirts that promote negativity. For instance, I seen a green shirt with big gold letters saying.... I'm a gold digger and another that said I'll bust the windows out your car....crazy!