Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Response......

As most of you may already know CAF has a T.V show that we do monthly. The feed from the show is posted up on youtube afterwards. So if you haven't viewed some of our shows please do so! But I didn't write to pub our show..NO! I'm writing in response to the comments that are posted up on some of our videos. I finally got the chance to read some of these "brilliant comments", and it was pure foolery!! Of course the comments were obscene and degrading; but the underlying messages were just of total ignorance. So in response to the comments: we aren't trying to brain wash black women you idiot! That is a ridiculous statement in it self. As a black woman who works toward empowering and uplifting women of color, that was a total slap in the face! I'm not sure how anyone can turn educating a community on issues that pertain and affect them DIRECTLY turns into brain washing. So to the person who posted the comment, who is a black man btw, you are hurting a race of people more than you realize. You are hating the wrong people! Instead of giving us backlash for trying to help and educate our people, you need to push that anger in the direction of the people who are setting these laws in stone that are more detrimental than helpful to our people. So don't try to stop our messages, instead pass them along!

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