Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What are our schools really teaching???

So I went to a Women's Empowerment fair not to long ago at the Englewood Community Academy. The intent of the program was absolutely amazing! I mean this program came right on time giving the urgency in addressing the issues that the young women of the Englewood neighborhood are facing; particularly with the increase in teen pregnancy. But I say "intent" of the program because YES the intentions were good, but it was a TOTAL FAIL on the implementation part. How can we try to empower and better educate the youth, especially on better safe sex practices and pregnancy prevention, when we can't even pass out condoms!!! How ridiculous is that. So my initial reaction was to blame Englewood Academy for such an outrageous rule, but come to find out, its a Chicago Public School rule. So you mean to tell me that you cannot pass out condoms in NONE OF THE CPS SCHOOLS!! No wonder why are youth is so miseducated. If the parents are in denial about their children having sex and the schools just tell them "DON'T DO IT" then they are forced to educate themselves! So please, if you are unsure about anything regarding safe sex and pregnancy prevention give us a call! We not only assist with funding for procedures, but you can use us a resource for these issues as well.

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