Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All ends of the spectrum

I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Rosenbloom, from Northwestern University's Medical Students For Choice Chapter, on our T.V Show last wednesday. So often we focus in on the access barriers that the patients face in trying to get abortion services; in fact we even touch on the barriers that abortion providers face in trying to provide abortions. So when we got the opportunity to interview someone who is a "pre-abortion provider" I was too excited!

During the interview I realized that they too have a access barriers. The barriers that the medical students face today is access to adequate abortion education and training. Abortion is not apart of a medical students curriculum regardless of the specialty they choose. So if they want this education and training, they have to seek outside sources. They have to seek an outside curriculum in addition to their already intense curriculum.

After doing this interview, it kind of gave me a look at all ends of the spectrum regarding abortion access barriers . We know those faced by women needing services; we know those faced by providers trying to provide services; and now we know those faced by medical students trying to become providers. So now that we know all of this, what can we do?


Vegan_Em said...

I always wondered why there wasn't a program set up to help pay for medical student's loans/a loan forgiveness program for those who want to provide abortions, similar to the programs that social workers/teachers/etc. can apply for. You know, the kind that are like "serve this underprivileged area for 5 years and we pay your student loans."

Gaylon said...

damillia..excellent critical analysis of access from all entry points! and em brings up very good points of programs for students and loan forgiveness.

any ideas what we can do?