Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crisis Pregnancy Centers & the Deceiving They Do

Recently while searching the internet for work, this absolutely disgusting website popped up (I took a screenshot)-

First off, this is a complete misrepresentation of miscarriages and the situations that surround them. Miscarriages are hard to study scientifically- of one study, 22% of pregnant women miscarried before a standard urine test could even register that they were pregnant. An additional 9% of women in the study miscarried.

The risk of possible miscarriages drop significantly after you can hear the embryo's heartbeat on an ultrasound- generally after 6 weeks. That's a 2 week period (assuming the woman has a 28 day cycle and took a pregnancy test at 4 week) where miscarriages are apt to happen and the woman would know.

Further, I'd really like to know what "technology exists!" that can detect if you're likely to miscarry or not that doesn't cost thousands of dollars. The technology that exists is expensive and women who suffer repeat miscarriages use it to aid their fertility. It's not designed for the average woman to detect if she's likely to miscarry or not (especially not in the hopes that she will). The website simply states that they'll do an urine test (i.e., the same pee stick you get at a corner store) and an ultrasound (and I'd really like to see what they say at the appointment).

I'm not sure where the "enlightenment" comes from this website. Misconstrued facts and studies to meet their anti-choice ends? Telling women who are possibly in crisis to wait- and wait- and wait until they miscarry, so when the woman opts for an abortion, the cost of the procedure is more, the process is longer, and the possible risks to the woman (mostly involving general anesthesia) grow. Not to mention a miscarriage is a medical complication that can harm and/or kill a woman depending on the details surrounding her miscarriage.

This is disgusting, and I really hope the women who stumble upon the website realize the information they are presenting is being done in a way to sway them in the direction on one possible choice in life.

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