Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So I know Im probably super late seeing this but hey I can be busy sometimes. So I'm up watching glee on netflix the first season when Quin got pregnant and the story surrounding her pregnancy was so crazy first off the guy who she told she was pregnant by didnt even have sex with her he just ejaculated in a hot tub next to her and this showed how uneducated our youth can be about sex second he ask her if she was going to have it and she said yes without a doubt even though she new that her mom would be furious with her being in that predicament and that she had a whole future ahead of her that having a baby would throw a monkey wrench in then the guy went and told the teacher and he asked if he needed money for her to go to planned parenthood which was quite amusing because him being a male that was his first thought suprisingly so I guess Mr. Shuester is pro-choice. It just really tickled me how they skipped around the issue of abortion and thru the episode no one she told sat down and told her that she needed to think about all her options and decide what would be best for her.They either just criticized her and made her feel shameful for instance like kicking her off cheerleading team or posting that shes pregnant in the newspaper noone showed the least bit of empathy towards her or try to figure out how she got in that situation and see how she can avoid it again. It's funny how fiction is so close to the realities of society.

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Gaylon said...

nicole...i must say your critical analysis blows me away! yes...fiction is fact..in so many ways! but you hit the nail on the head....ignorance, avoidance, shame, isolation.....all themes here. and no discussion of that. that is why we must have proactive discussions with our family, friends and community around these issues!