Friday, December 16, 2011

I Was A Poor Black Kid

I was a poor Black kid and oh how I wish I could talk face to face with Gene Marks. I do believe that even under the most restricting circumstances that there is still hope for the marginalized and oppressed people can still become successful. However, I DO NOT believe that it as simple as Gene Marks writes. Not once does he address why poor Black kids still have to fight three times as hard to obtain an education or job that privileged Whites were simply handed. Don't attempt to write an article on how poor Blacks can succeed without actually being a poor Black person who is dealing with struggles that some can't even begin to understand. Don't attempt to walk in my shoes without never even trying them on. If everyone would "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" their wouldn't be any White privilege! #Outragedandreadytoeducatetheignorant

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