Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Story of Dr. Tiller's Assasination

So I am watching the story of the assassination of Dr. Tiller on MSNBC and all I can think is how crazy are these anti-choice people and why do they keep saying unborn baby. The guy who killed Dr. tiller totally contradicted his self by saying it is not mans decision to take a life only the decision of our lord, god savior.If this is indeed the case how can you feel justified in shooting a living viable human being in the head. Dr. Tiller's murder is a prime example of how some people are so judgemental of things they don't know about and how people can be so hypocritical. These anti-choicers claim to be so much for Jesus and so much for life but commit so many violent acts of hate. Which I know that an important commandment is thou shall not kill. What bible are you people reading? What values are you displaying? Obviously Pro-Choice believers and Abortion Providers are not the murders. Watching this story just disgraces me and just amps me up more to stand firm on my belief of choice. As Dr. Tiller said the women that his father had serviced taught him that abortion is a matter of a woman's life and health. So I'm not going to stand for my life and health to be in jeopardy and I shouldn't have to. Why should my life be devalued because of somebody else's personal beliefs, a person that is not going to aid me financially if i choose to come to terms with my pregnancy,or babysit, or help with the daily duties of being a parent. People have to look at the bigger picture.Women deserve choices and choices that are their owns not somebody else's. So I mourn the death of Dr. Tiller and I can only hope that one day I will have to fight no more for the civil liberty and reproductive freedom that women deserve because people will have woken up from their fairytale views. Peace,Love and Choice

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Gaylon said...

thank you nicole for this post. i too, watched the dr. tiller story the other night and was more determined to continue the fight. it is sad and disappointing that more isn't being done to protect doctors that perform legal medical procedures. i may not agree with a medical procedure but that doesn't give me the right to kill someone for my belief. the logic behind all this is so out of touch,so fanatical, so obsessive - and so painstakingly sad.