Friday, October 15, 2010

Domestic Violence

I think when alot of people think about domestic violence the picture they see is a man physically abusing a women. However, domestic violence encompasses so much more. It includes violence physically, emotionally, spirituality, verbally and mentally against anyone in your domestic household/life. This is so important to understand, because the reason alot of people don't know that they are experiencing domestic violence is they don't know exactly what that means.

This is a very serious issue and we only hear of a few of the stories in media once it becomes a tragedy. So just imagine all the stories that we don't hear about in the news. I feel that the abuser is 100% percent wrong for abusing anyone, but these people obviously have mental health issues. Men are usually perpetrated as abusers and in some situations they are, but no one should be a victim of domestic violence. That's the reason it's so important that the women abusers are treated just like men abusers. I know women that are very abusive to their partners ALL THE TIME! and they are not ridiculed at all. I'm not by any means defending men abusers, but as a woman that believes in total equality despite your gender feels society needs to stop making the face of domestic violence an abused woman. I also know that until recently men were able to abuse women and women really didn't have any protection from law enforcement. So it's a milestone that we have the laws that we have in place now and they their is even recognition for domestic violence. I am well aware that so many lives were put at risk and taken for those changes to happen. However, it's unrealistic to think that those lives were only womens lives.

I think its also very important to mention that same sex couples are not excluded from this kind of violence. This is not just a heterosexual situation either, and my heart goes out to all survivors of domestic violence. This is a HUMAN issue and if you know any PERSON that is experiencing domestic violence, whether they are the abuser or abusee please do all that you can to get them some help!


Damillia said...

I'm so glad that you defined what domestic violence is, because a lot of people just think of physical abuse towards a woman when they hear domestic violence.

Gaylon said...

exactly damillia! domestic violence is emotional, physical and mental, as well as sexual. any type of restriction and oppression of you as a human being is violence.