Sunday, October 17, 2010

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence is disguised with many faces. The abuse, rather physical or mental, is still abuse. We should acknowledge the harm in both. They're both just as powerful and destructive. And the judgment needs to stop. No two people situations are the same. Every one's reasons for staying are not the same. Rather than judging we should embrace that person and let them know we are here for them and offer support. It may have been easy for me to walk away once the physical abuse started but in hind sight the verbal abuse was always there. From the outside looking in, there's always a different view. Being on the inside is just as different. Nonetheless, be encouraged and you will find the courage, through supportive friends and family, to also walk away.

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Gaylon said...

as a survivor of domestic violence, i know all too the signs of an unhealthy relationship. i think a lot of us recognize unhealthy. however, sometimes we want love so bad that we settle for the "illusion" of love. the first love affair we should have is with ourselves.