Thursday, February 25, 2010


All I can say is wow!

I've been a little busy on my end so I haven't been checking the blogs lately...but I just finished reading some of the most authentic, honest and heart warming blogs from the women I mentor....women in the leadership group. These young women are so dynamic that I forget I'm mentoring them. Especially since I'm learning so much from them. To read over the blogs tonight and see the comments and posts around slavery to the endangered species to paternity tests to domestic violence....all wrapped up in the choice framework....I see these women have on their critical thinking hats for real! But more importantly they come to the table with their hearts open and full of trust in doing this work.

This is such an amazing experience for me. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Ladies....thank you for showing me how to live fully in the moment in the most authentic way possible.

Much love and God's everlasting peace to all of you!


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