Saturday, June 14, 2008


...Is all I can say. I'm really happy we made it to Philly safely because this movement really needs us. Brittany and I are representing all young black low income(I hate that word) women across the country.(Em 2) It's a lot to take in. Since Thursday, I've learned tons of good info, which will travel back to Chicago with me like a,...Straight to the bank!..... It's motivating to see all of these funds come together to strengthen the cause. I've networked with some amazing powerful women. Just a year ago i received funding, now I'm organizing and raising funds. It's wonderful .....funding at it's finest. So right now my main issue is getting more women of diverse backgrounds to the table, to teach them about reproductive justice through empowerment and direct support, which would essentially increase donations to help more women. So there's a lot to be done, but Chicago has set the framework for the revolution. I'm ready. THANK YOU GAYLON!!!

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