Saturday, June 14, 2008


Right now as I speak (well... type), I am in Philadelphia for a conference with the National Network of Abortion Fund. I'm having so much fun. The workshops are very informative and I'm meeting so many wonderful people. I'm mostly excited about having the opportunity to let the nation know about the My Voice, My Choice leadership group. We are the only young women of color here, so our involvement is desperately needed in the reproductive justice movement. The other organizations are really interested in learning more about our group and how it got started. Some have even wondered if they can come to Chicago and possibly be guests on the show!!! Also, I went to downtown Philly. I had to ride the train because we're staying in a town that is a few miles from Philly. That was fun. We just walked and walked and walked...... The people here are very friendly but they don't seem to think so. Anyway, I'm so blessed and thankful to be here and I can't wait to travel again and represent for the young black women in this movement. Gotta get back now......PEACE!!!!!

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