Sunday, June 15, 2008

Got a Hankie? I'm a big mush ball! I'm crying y'all! CAF really represented at the NNAF conference in Philly this past weekend. I'm so proud! Really. These young women are off the chain...totally off the hook! I mean they are the bomb! (if you don't know what any of this better ask somebody!) To see these young women growing and doing stuff in this movement can't even be described. The words I have in my heart.....they won't come out. So the tears come.

These women are awesome. They are young sisters. Young mothers. Marginalized. Ignored by society. Yet they still have a voice and have the right to make it heard. We are bringing them to the table to really participate. No this is not window dressing. It is not about that. It is really about being a true advocate for women. It is not about collecting your paycheck every other Friday. It is about rising up and reaching back. Helping those because we really care about our fellow human beings. It is about loving yourself...therefore you can love other women fully enough to want to help them. It is not about jealously or envy or competition or who is better. It is about the women we serve. All the time.

Every woman that comes through CAF should have her voice heard. Should be respected and treated like a human being...not some number. I have made a commitment to this. The board of directors has made a commitment to this. We are moving forth. Young women of color in the reproductive justice movement????!!!!!! Yes We Are....Yes We Will...Yes We Can!

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