Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Mother's Struggle

I used to wonder how I could ever go back to college while raising three young children, working part- time and sharing a two-bedroom apartment. "If I go to school I'll miss out on seeing my children for nearly 15 hours per day. I can't look for a full- time job because I'm in school and working part- time already and we all know looking for a job is a full- time job. Who is going to look after my children while working and in school? Sure, there are daycare centers but they close at 6 p.m. How will I afford two baby sitters when I can barely afford one? I didn't get my period this month. Please don't let me be pregnant!!! I am trying my best right now and I am barely making it. I can't mentally or physically become a mother again at this time. What will I do? If I have an abortion how will I pay for it. My half of the rent and utilities is due. I'm already short on those. One of my children is sick and her primary physician's office is closed. Maybe I can take her to the clinic next to gas station. Sure it's not well maintained and is a bit dirty but at least there open. Or I could take her to the emergency room and sit for 7 hours because her illness isn't "life threatening." Now I have to reschedule my own doctor's appointment because I was at the emergency room all night. Oh , no, there was a shooting near the girls school today. I hope my boss will let me leave early so that I can safely get the girls home and make it to class in time to take my final exam. There has to be another way."

These are not fabricated or exaggerated thoughts. These are the thoughts of a single mother trying to raise her children the best way she knows how with limited resources. These were my thoughts and true events. Being a parent is one of the hardest tasks I've ever faced. With limited or no resources, the job is much harder. 

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