Friday, July 12, 2013

Parental Notification in Illinois......

Yesterday was a sad day for teens indeed. Doctors now have to notify the parents of a teen seeking an abortion 48 hours before their procedure. Once while lobbying in Springfield, a state representative said he was in support of parental notification because he would want to know about his daughter's decision to have an abortion. We like to think we live in a society where children live in 2 parent households who are supportive parents or even have parents at all. The reality is that isn't always the case. Some teens don't have parents or even a place to call home. What if the young women was raped (since we all know this culture promotes rapes and blames the woman) and doesn't want to tell her parents about any of it. Or what if the teen is a sex worker? The list goes on and on. Parental notification doesn't help anyone! All is does is further push society's need to control every single thing in women and girls lives. And what about the message it's sending to our youth? "You can't possibly be mentally able to make a decision like this!" Wait, that's the same argument people use when teens choose to carry a pregnancy to term and raise their children, right! I thought so. So again I must reiterate, yesterday was a very sad day for teens in Illinois. America has seen a flood of anti- abortion bills and Illinois has fell in line. Don't impose your freaking views on someone else's body!!!!

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