Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Right to Choose........32oz Soda????!!!!!

While watching an upcoming promo for a TV show hosted by a doctor, whose name shall remain unrevealed, I heard the darndest thing. "Should America take away our right to choose?" No, this question wasn't about reproductive choice. Instead it was referring to our our right to choose what size soda we would like to drink!!! I immediately thought about reproductive choice not being the focus of the show. Here's why this bothers me so much: an entire show dedicated to health issues and concerns has a segment about being able to make sound decisions about what pop to drink instead of having one that questions whether a woman's choice should be taken away by America (hence anti- choice legislation)! Can you say "priorities and issues need to be adjusted!" We live in a society that clearly detests the possibility of laws governing what size soda to drink but sees no problem with laws governing our bodies.

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Kaitlyn Givens said...

Hello Brittany,

I found this post very straightforward and realistic. It relates perfectly with the debate of abortion and how people don't realize how serious and top priority the issue really is. I also feel that Abortion is one of the most controversial issues facing America today in which needs resolution.

Would you mind reading my blog at I would like to have your perspective.

Kaitlyn Givens
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