Monday, March 25, 2013

My Experience with Depression and Abortion

When sharing my story about my experience when choosing to have an abortion. Opening up about my mental state is usually one of the hardest parts. I knew I was suffering from depression although I wasn't clinically diagnosed until a few years later. I knew that carrying a pregnancy to term wasn't the best thing for my family at that time. That is not to say that women who suffer from mental illness shouldn't have children. I am only speaking for myself. Suffering from mental illness wasn't the only or main reason for choosing abortion but it definitely contributed significantly in my decision making. I was so afraid of what I might have done to myself had I chosen to carry the pregnancy to term. In society discussing mental illness is just as taboo as abortion. I feel that I cannot share one experience without the other. In the beginning, I would never discuss my depression because I was still ashamed of it. Many women can relate to this shame. This only furthers my actions of being vocal about my experiences. If I can help one person acknowledge or share their similar experience, I have done my part.

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