Thursday, June 9, 2011

Im Enraged!!

So apparently targeting Black women wasn't enough. Now the anti-choice folks are targeting Latina women! This has got to stop. I refuse to believe that we will sit and allow the anti-choice party to start a war against women of color. Although the billboards have not been placed in Chicago, who is to say that it won't. Which means that we need to do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening. They embarrassed, shamed, and ridiculed us already for our decisions to have an abortion. I refuse to let it happen to our sisters in the Latina communities. You definitely have our voices behind you. Much love


Gaylon said...

This is disappointing. But you know what is even sadder? The fact that they spend so much money on these ads but fail to really address issues? It is a blatant attempt to divide and conquer. Women will not be shamed. We will still have abortions. Just imagine if those nuts used their power, money and resources for good? They could probably prevent a whole lot of abortions. However, their insanity refuses to allow their brains to see the logic that "more education, quality health care, more support, affordable birth control" would reduce the need.

But none of this matters because it is not about helping the's about controlling the woman.

Gaylon said...

Si Se Puede! Billboard are down!