Saturday, June 4, 2011

Colorado Protest

I'm out here for fund abortion conference and during one of the workshops a lady announces there are anti-choice protesters around and she could hear them this morning when she opened her window so we should go over there being the powerful group of women we are that's willing to make change and not stand for ignorance being spread.So I say why not be daring, I must take this walk.As I walk around this clinic, I see these anti-choice idiots like never before.I see baby dolls in strollers with signs posted saying "keep your baby".I see a guy in a nurses outfit with what is suppose to be blood on it and a baby doll hanging on a stick with a rope around the neck. I'm thinking to myself this is outrageous and it just empowers me to keep doing the work that I do,even though what they are trying to do is to try to take my power away and it just gases me up more to keep speaking out, doing outreach, telling my story, calling my alderman, devoting my time and voice to not only my choice, but my daughters choice ,my sisters choice,my friend's choice and EVERY WOMANS'CHOICE.Then its always an old white guy who cant carry a pregnancy right on the forefront trying to tell a woman what to do with her body.Not only did he pull the women are too dumb too keep there legs closed card but also the black genocide and the racism was legal does that make it right and then he had the nerve to pull a black woman aside and tell her you know planned parenthood doesn't like black people. These people stoop so low for people who are suppose to believe in preserving life.These comments only make me strive harder to use my intelligence and be proud of being a woman and be insanely proud to be a BLACK woman.So I just want the anti-choice people to realize that if the point of you doing all this crazy crap is to shame me and manipulate my choices when it comes to my reproductive rights. I just wanna let you know your mission has been aborted,its not affective.Peace,Love,Choice!!!

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Gaylon said...

Nicole....I can truly say you are an official activist. You can go anywhere and your activist hat is always on!