Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It wasn't until today that i heard anything about this preposterous billboard. I rode pass it today and couldn't believe what i saw and couldn't believe what it read..... Every 21 minutes a possible leader is aborted. As i drove home i paid more attention to all the other billboard in the community all promoting alcohol and cigarettes. None promoting safe sex nor condoms. Maybe if they focused on the bigger picture, being education and start educating promoting condoms abortion would be less of an issues. This billboard was place in a low class neighbor targeting women of color who have very few resources and lacking comprehensive sex education. Abortion is a choice and i know everyone is entitled to the own opinion however i still being this billboard should be removed. growing up in this community many would be surprise to know what goes on and what woman have to endure so i feel that attempting to alter someone minds and choice is wrong. Allow these woman to make there own choices who knows a few years down the road they too could be the next possible leader.... Give these woman a chance. Their body there choice.

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