Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted."

That's what it reads on a billboard in my hometown Chicago in a predominately black neighborhood, next to a picture of President Obama.I wish someone would tell me why is this garbage always targeted at my communities and not things like access to contraceptive,sex education, and reproductive information.You people who's "smart" idea it was to put up this billboard are very ignorant to the fact that abortion is going to happen until the day people realize that more needs to be done than just people making snooty remarks about a woman's choice. When people stop dividing people because of social class,gender,race and an array of other things maybe women will be less likely to have abortions,but solutions start with education. Also you cant tell me whats best for me and my body because just as well as you say the next possible leader is being aborted, the next possible dope dealer,or the next possible rapist,or the next possible serial killer could be being aborted also.With that being said few people want to live there life or make decisions concerning there life on possibilities that may never happen,because a possibility is simply a chance and I know in my community because of the barriers that are faced that the chance of the next possible leader "president" being aborted is slim to none. So this bill board is a horrendous sore to my eye and a low blow to my people and our communities.


placenta sandwich said...

Ugh, yesterday I saw the twitter feed of that weird former-PP-staff-now-anti-abortion woman (Abby Johnson) and she was saying "Can't wait til tomorrow! We launch a HUGE black genocide awareness project in Chicago...featuring President Obama! It's gonna be good!!"

I have no doubt she's clueless as to how insulting and awful it is; but what I don't understand is whether she was always this clueless even when she worked at PP or if not, how becoming an anti managed to also erase her (presumed) desire not to be blatantly racially offensive as well.

Gaylon said...

yet, she thinks planned parenthood is racist? and the statement she made is not? give me a break!