Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sonogram to be conducted two hours before termination of pregnancy even if woman doesn't want it

So I'm reading up on news in abortion and it's laws and I come across this heading "Abortion bill is unwarranted state intrusion on woman’s right to choose". In Texas the legislators are trying to pass a bill that would require a woman that chooses to terminate a pregnancy to have an audible sonogram within two hours of a planned abortion and also she has to wait 24hrs within her first visit before receiving procedure. Now is it just me or does this sound like a slick way for the government to put a guilt trip on a woman about her choice. Abortion is a hard enough decision to make for most women. Especially when your going into a clinic and you have all these anti choice people hanging around with gory pictures of bloody babies and yelling there are other options. I know there are other options but this is the option I know is best for me is what allot of women are thinking. There are lots of reasons why women choose the option of abortion and for the woman who truly wants to come to terms with her pregnancy but is losing her home and can barely afford dinner for that night why would I try to put her on a guilt trip and show her an audible sonogram. You people are just sick and relentless.

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