Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tyra Show

So yesterday I was watching the Tyra show and the topic was teens who purposely get pregnant and the epidemic of teenage pregnancy. So I was watching this and thinking to myself what child would want to purposely have another child. So I just had to watch this. It was quite interesting because one of the girls said she purposely got pregnant but as her stomach started to grow and get bigger reality hit her that she just might not be ready for a child. Then another girl confessed that she was telling her boyfriend that she was taking birth control when she wasn't in order to get pregnant and she works a "good" job making 250 every two weeks so she can support a child and she knew that her mom would not want her to get pregnant but if she did her mom would support her. So all of these young girls sitting on stage telling the reasons why they wanted to get pregnant was all the same lack of love and not being loved the way they feel they should be.So many times our young people look for love in all the wrong places especially are young women. They look in men,drugs, alcohol and make detrimental decisions to their well being. Why is there such a lack of love in our homes and communities. I thought it takes a village to raise a child. what happen to the village because our children sure do need it and the parents.We need healthy homes and communities.Maybe then we won't have our babies having babies because they are looking for love in a place where they can't even fathom the responsibility that comes along with it.Oh and one more thing I was very impressed by something realistic and so true Tyra said to the young girls boyfriend whose girlfriend had been lying to him about taking birth control. She told him that as a man every time you have sex with a woman and you don't use a condom you put your life and all its possibilities in the woman's hand because if she gets pregnant she gets to decide whether she is gonna have your baby or not regaurdless of how you feel about it. So guys strap up!!!

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