Friday, January 21, 2011


So today we celebrated the infamous Roe v. Wade! Although this is a time to celebrate this victory it is also wake up call. Roe v. Wade could be overturned and the scariest part about that is no matter if what happens women are going to have abortions.

As I stood in the freezing Chicago could today, I thought about what would my life have been like if there was no Roe V. Wade, and the only conclusion is that I would've done ANYTHING and I mean anything I had to. I had 3 abortions and each time having a child was just not what I wanted to do at that time in my life. I know the desperation and isolation women feel when they choose to have an abortion. I was in that situation myself and I know some will do anything to get themselves out of that situation even if means sacrificing their own life. I am so proud to say that stood in the freezing cold today in effort to save as many women as I can from feeling like that.

Denying women access to abortion services is unhealthy and unsafe. Without the unwavering persistence of us ALL Roe v. Wade would have already fallen. - Dr. Carhartt

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