Sunday, May 2, 2010

First time on panel!!

Last Monday Nicole and I had the opportunity to sit on a panel at a conference. The panel was titled "Listening to the Women We Serve". It was my first time and I was both excited and nervous. Once I started talking I kept going on and on, which was great, because that was the point. I tried really hard to shed light on the struggles women like me face everyday with reproductive health issues. I will always have a story to tell because I live this day in and day out. I wanted the audience to understand why it's important for them to listen to it. We need to be seen, heard and be a part of the reproductive justice movement! That was the first of many panels to come, hopefully:) Peace!

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Gaylon said...

i'm so proud of my baby girls brittany and nicole for doing the dang thang at the naf conference last week.