Monday, April 12, 2010

We're having a Bowl-A-Thon!

And we want to highlight some of our lovely participants!

Today's Team:

Why is the "Stupak is a Pin-head" team bowling? Glad you asked!

"We are a group of college students bowling for abortion access because abortion is health care, and access to health care is a human right. Therefore, access to abortion is a human right, and we are proud to support programs which help women exercise their right to choose."

They're $185 away from their goal- can you help them?

Today's Bowler:

Why is Anne Elizabeth Moore bowling?

"My own abortion in 1994 was undertaken as a public education project, despite that I was in the conservative state of Wisconsin just as the backlash against feminism was gaining momentum..."

Check out more on her page:

1 comment:

Gaylon said...


elizabeth's blog post is amazing! never knew where the "i had an abortion" shirt came from but so glad i'm bowling with her saturday!