Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's Team & Bowler of the Day!

Why is Affinity Community Services, an LGBTQA group, bowling for abortion access?

"Affinity Community Services signed up because Gaylon Alcaraz is an incredible leader and activist. And the work that the Chicago Abortion Fund is pivotal in terms of women's reproductive rights and human rights. At ACS we stand in solidarity with those engaged in the struggle for women's reproductive rights and human rights. If you are not free, then neither are we. If you do not have the right to choose then neither do we. And so we must all stand together! Our name corresponds to our celebration of 15 Years of Wellness, Leadership, Artistry, Organizing, Activism, Advocacy in LGBTQA Communities."

Will you help them meet their goal?

Today's bowler of the day is Jo Pollock, of the Vegan Vixens, who speaks of being a high school counselor on her page.

She's $40 away from her goal, can you help?

1 comment:

Gaylon said...

affinity community services is an amazing organization that services black lesbian and bisexual women in the city of chicago!

my sistas in the struggle, i thank u for your support!