Thursday, March 11, 2010

These People just wont stop!!!

So I'm reading some news articles on things going on with abortion and those same people who claim that black babies are an endangered species think that black women are being coerced into having abortions because of their race. Now I'm not saying its not possible, but realistically a person can't make you do anything you don't want to do.To me this is just another way of them interfering in our races reproductive choice.So they decided to come up with a bill that penalizes doctors for performing abortions on women who they know have been coerced in to making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. How crazy is that though, I mean if the women is grown and she signs the form that says no one has manipulated her decision how would the doctor know if she was coerced or not. This would make doctors more sceptical of performing abortions on women that are not of their race which would lead to denial of abortions because of race which would put the doctor and patient in an awkward position. These people need to stop!!!!


Dhalgren said...

Their argument is ridiculous. They say that clinics and hospitals set-up shop in cities, where there are larger non-caucasian populations, and therefore, more non-white abortions.

But here's the thing. The best-run termination services are in hospitals. The best family planning departments are in major hospitals like UCLA, NYU, NY Presbyterian, Jackson Memorial, Bringham & Women's, Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins. So naturally, these are big cities with diverse populations.

But the argument falls apart when you look at hospitals in say, the Berkshires, or Vermont, where the vast majority of patients are white. Where's their eugenics, now?

Also - they have always pushed abortion back to the cities. Doctors would much rather work in a big hospital, where there is a security force, and anonymity, rather than work in an exposed, picketed clinic in a suburb (look at all the towns where providers have been shot dead, besides Brookline, MA).

So they can't harass and terrorize doctors in the suburbs and then claim that the reason most doctors work in big cities is because they are committed to a secret plan to rid America of minority births.

It's really silly - and I hope any campaign that pursues that argument will backfire.

Gaylon said...

nicole i love your critical anaylsis! girl you be on the news!

Gaylon said...

nicole i love your critical anaylsis! girl you be on the news!