Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Healthcare "Reform" Reaction

I love talking to the women that call the client services line seeking money. I love being someone who can actually hook them up with services and the money they need.

It makes me so angry that abortion funding was dropped from the healthcare reform bill. I can't believe that women who have so many other services provided to them for free because they are too poor to afford them, are basically forced into motherhood because they don't have the money to cover the procedures they decided was best for them in their situation. It's so frustrating.

I wonder if this politicians have ever listened to a women break down crying on the phone, because she's basically been forced to beg for hundred of dollars from strangers. Or have a mother call them for her daughter, who didn't even realize she was pregnant until her second trimester; or a mom whose daughter just told her she was raped- and pregnant from it. Or have a clinic worker calling for a women who is homeless and without a phone, but at the clinic and with only $20 of an almost $1,000 procedure. Or, best yet, the joy in someone's voice when I just solved their problem and they can go on being the best student/mother/daughter/worker that they can.

I wonder if they listened to any women at all when they passed it?

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