Friday, November 6, 2009

our little girls

I have this friend, whenever we get on the phone, we end up talking for hours. The other day during one of our infamous conversations, he said he understood why the rapper Nas stated in one of his songs "we need to be more conscious of the way we raise our daughters". I always thought he meant that we need to teach our daughters about their self worth. My friend gave me another idea of what he could have been talking about, teaching our daughters about consequences. We have to teach our little girls that the mistakes they make today could affect them for the rest of their lives. The things they do, the friends they all could affect them later. We have to start teaching our daughters about men too. That they should try and start going for good guys, the guys who do their homework, study and have high GPA's and that have goals in life. To not just go for the class clowns or the so called bad boys or thugs. I dated a good boy in high school during my sophomore year. We ended up breaking up because I felt like he had no time for me with his studying and all. Then I started dating a so called bad boy. He had all the time in the world for me because he was not really serious about school (even though he still made good grades).He eventually dropped out of school all together and we spent almost every waking moment together, which in turn I became pregnant and we got married and now I have the first half of my heart, my amazing, talented beautiful Mariah, Whom I wouldn't trade for the earth moon and stars, But imagine if I had stayed with the first guy. He just got his master's degree, I would have at least gotten my B. A. by now and we would just now be having Mariah. We'd have way more money and be able to give her more things. Even though children need love more than anything, we all want to give our children the best. So, this is of course a lesson learned and I fully intend on making sure my daughter, nieces (Taylor and Heaven) and all the little girls in my life( Anna, Chandler, Chase, Courtney, Bobbette, Na'ree Ti-Ti is talking about you!)understand and any means necessary!!!

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Gaylon said...

That is what reproductive justice is: women and girls being able to live healthy lives, make their own decisions, have control over their bodies and sexualities! Yes we have to spread this message of being strong to our girls...but we have to get it too! We must walk the walk if we are talking the talk!